Easy Doll Storage

Keep Kid Stuff TidyGroovy Girl red and black hair from Manhattan Toy tucked into clear shoe pocket hanging organizer

  • What: Shoe Storage Repurposed
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Tidy, easy to see contents, affordable, space saving
  • Where: Amazon

If your child’s collection of dolls (or anything really) has outgrown your storage solutions, try going vertical with some storage, like this handy hanging shoe organizer.

My daughter loves Groovy Girls. It didn’t take long for her (one Christmas and one birthday, to be exact) to amass a collection that exceeded the big plastic bag we stored them in under her bed. Now, while we still keep the accessories like furniture and cars in bins, we keep the girls themselves sorted into hanging pockets made for shoes. 

Groovy Girls Manhattan Toy company dolls tucked inside clear shoe pocket hanging organizer over the door

You can grab a hanging organizer with clear pockets for around $10 depending on where you shop. The standard size features four pockets in each row, with six row totals. Depending on how high you hang it, and how old your child is, they may not be able to reach the highest pockets. We started filling ours from the bottom up, leaving the top rows empty until needed.

Manhattan Toy Company Groovy Girls stored in hanging shoe organizer pockets

Our hanging organizer can hold 24 Groovy Girls.

Most hanging organizers will go over a standard door, so you can make use of vertical space which might otherwise go to waste. But we hung ours directly on the wall. Now my daughter can easily see all her Groovy Girls at once and select which ones she wants to play with at any given time. And it’s almost as easy to put them away. 


These hanging shoe organizers also work well for Barbies and other dolls or toys that aren’t longer than adult shoes. I prefer the clear organizers because kids can easily see the contents, but you can get them in a variety of solid colors as well, where only the tops of the toys or dolls will peek out.

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