Nebulous Stars Magic Watercolor

Make Paintings GlowNebulous Stars Magic watercolor painting set for kids Marinia character

  • What: Nebulous Stars Magic Watercolor
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Expand your child’s art options
  • Where: Amazon or Nebulous Stars

Want to put a little more sparkle in your child’s art projects without the hassle of removing glitter? Check out Nebulous Stars Magic Watercolors.

My daughter received this set as a gift. She enjoyed the bright colors and fantasy-inspired images. I loved that the paint didn’t stain her clothes, the table, or anything else. She liked the sparkle on the box, and I appreciated that she could make her paintings shine and glow without using messy materials. Our particular set features Marinia, who loves the ocean.

Nebulous Stars Magic Watercolor blank painting board with glowing guide lines

You can see the faint lines that glow and prevent colors from running.

Lightly reflective lines on each white painting board mean that paint colors won’t run. Once your child finishes, the original guide lines will glow in the dark, adding even more magic to their unique creations. Each Nebulous Art set also includes a story about a specific character, including her specific likes and ways she stays healthy and calm.

Nebulous Stars Magic watercolor painting set for kids

This set comes with five board to paint with the 12 different colors.

Nebulous Stars offers lots of other arts and crafts set, though we’ve only tried the Magic Watercolor so far.

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