Plus Plus Blind Boxes

Plus Plus Mystery Box Series blind box tiny connecting pieces

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Tiny Boxes Full of Fun

Plus Plus Mystery Box Series blind box tiny connecting pieces

  • What: Plus Plus Mystery Makers
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Great starter set, easy to store
  • Where: Amazon

If you want to give Plus Plus a try without making a big commitment, be sure to grab one of their blind boxes, called Mystery Makers. Each of these boxes comes in one of six sets of 50 tiny plus shaped pieces that can be assembled into the desired shape following Lego-like illustrated instructions. Of course, because it’s Plus Plus, kids (or let’s be honest, you) can do so much more, even with only a few pieces.

Plus Plus Mystery Makes Series 1 Bundle 2 on Amazon

We bought six boxes and built all the creations, then took them apart and made many more things. You can get Mystery Makers from the basic series, or in pet or robot themes. Each series has six boxes to collect and connect.

Plus Plus construction building toy Mystery Makers blind boxes six boxes combined into set and flat mat
You can build the designated design, like the unicorn and mermaid, or combine pieces to make many other creations.

These small boxes make great stocking stuffers or as small gifts for almost any occasion. And best of all, like all Plus Plus sets, you can combine them for even more building fun.

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