Halloween Happenings

Happy HauntingsThree kids on sidewalk in Halloween costumes penguin chicken puppy dog

  • What: Halloween Happenings
  • When: Birth to ten years
  • Why: Keep Halloween fun, avoid scary situations
  • Where: Your neighborhood

Tis’ the week, at least in our town, for all the Halloween fun. If you want something to do that doesn’t involve demanding candy from strangers or would like to get a little more money’s worth out of your kid’s costume, check out these articles.

Child at Halloween festival playing carnival game toss balls into hat

Our local community center hosts a Halloween carnival with games and prizes.

Events: If you want to find a Halloween-themed event that isn’t so scary, look no further than your closest neighborhoods. Lots of places have alternate events, from business trick or treating to Halloween carnivals. Focus less on the candy and more on the fun with these ideas.

Two kids in Halloween costumes gray puppy dog and chicken in tractor

We’ve used both these costumes enough that I’ve lost count.

Costumes: Find out why savvy parents buy big when it comes to costumes. Even if you have kids who never use the same costume for Halloween two years in a row, you can get more mileage out of the same outfit.

Halloween bowl filled with candy and goodies

We give out candy and other treats.

Candy: Torn between trick or treating or handing out candy at home? Want to thrill kids without all the sugar? Do both, and get rid of all the extra candy and trinkets you and your kids don’t need with this helpful trick for parents.

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