Halloween Buckets

Plastic pumpkin bucket jack o lantern Halloween candy carrier

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Carry the Candy Loot

Plastic pumpkin bucket jack o lantern Halloween candy carrier
  • What: Halloween Buckets
  • When: October
  • Why: Get kids to carry their own candy
  • Where: Your neighborhood

I’m a huge proponent of buckets instead of baskets for Easter egg hunts. But when it comes to collecting candy, I go all out. We’ve been using the same three plastic pumpkin buckets that predate my kids by years, because I love Halloween. But if you don’t want to store these seasonal items year round only to use them a couple days in the fall, consider one of these options instead.

Child in chicken costumer carrying plastic pumpkin bucket Halloween

Buckets: If you don’t already have a sturdy bucket, the ones from Spielstabil work wonders. These buckets stand the test of time, whether it’s carrying pounds of candy or lugging around loads of sand. They clean out easily, the handles don’t pop off, and the plastic doesn’t crack. Plus, they come in two different sizes, so your little goblin doesn’t collect more than they can carry (or eat). And the rest of the year your kids can use it at the beach, in the snow, or anywhere they find dirt, rocks, or other goodies to collect besides candy.

Three kids in costumes carrying orange plastic pumpkin Halloween buckets

Bags: In a pinch, any plastic or shopping bag will do. But I love these packable sacks from Envirosax. I have carried one for years and used it for everything from groceries to winter gear to sporting events. The big capacity might overwhelm younger kids, but you can easily tie a knot in the straps to make the bag shorter. (I do this all the time to hang it from our stroller hook.) Plus, they weigh next to nothing, so kids don’t wear out carrying around the container, and you can use it every day there isn’t trick or treating.

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