Happy Halloween 2019

Happy Hauntings to YouChild in pink bunny suit costume Halloween on hands and knees

  • What: Happy Halloween Wishes
  • When: Halloween 2019
  • Why: Keep celebrations fun
  • Where: Your neighborhood

Happy Halloween from my crew of little creatures to yours! Hope you have a fun-filled day, and no one barfs from too much candy or excitement. For more ideas, check out these links.

Plastic orange pumpkin buckets including one shaped like Tigger

Halloween Buckets: A good way to carry all the loot.

Kids trick or treating in business district

Halloween Happenings: Young and old can enjoy the seasonal activities with these ideas and events.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Halloween on Amazon

Charlie Brown Halloween: Watch (or read!) this classic tale together for some downtime during all the rush.

Halloween bowl filled with treats including candy and small toys

Halloween Treats Bowl: Hand out all sorts of Halloween goodies to keep everyone satisfied, no matter their age or dietary restrictions.

Halloween Night picture book for kids by Marjorie Dennis Murray

Halloween Night Book: If you want a tale that’s just the right amount of fun and spooky for young kids, look no further than the party in this spirited story.

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