Best Books for Travel

Keep Kids Occupied Without ElectronicsUsborne's 1001 Things to Spot Under the Sea, Paint by Sticker Kids zoo activity book, Usborne Look inside trains flap book for older kids

  • What: Best books for travel
  • When: On the road or in the air
  • Why: Time consuming yet fun
  • Where: Away from home

When you want to keep your school aged child quietly occupied in a confined space, try one of these books for entertainment that goes the extra mile.

Best look and find books for kids

Look and Find Books: A new look and find book can keep kids busy for hours on end, especially if they’ve never seen it before (and therefore haven’t had time to hunt). With every theme to choose from, from Thomas the Train at a toddler level to Where’s the Wookie? for older kids, as well as classics like Where’s Waldo?, you can’t go wrong with one of these many options.

Paint by Sticker Kids Zoo Animals activity book numbered stickers

Paint by Sticker Kids: If your kids love stickers, painting, or both, grab one or more of these art books to keep them busy. Kids use a page of stickers to create mosaic type art using a numbered diagram. This quiet activity keeps them busy, helps with hand eye coordination skills, improves number recognition and counting, and produces a work of art suitable for gifting to hosts upon arrival.

Look inside flap books for older kids from Usborne construction sites trains castles

Look Inside Flap Books: Each of these nonfiction books from Usborne contains tons of facts about the chosen topic. In addition to the multitude of text on each page, kids can lift the flaps to get even more tidbits. You can read more or less depending on how much time you have left to travel. Each reading goes a bit differently depending on which parts you choose to read, so kids don’t get bored with repetition.

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