Hamster Princess Books

Hamster Princess book 4 Giant Trouble by Urusla Vernon

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Seriously Silly Fun With Rodents

Hamster Princess book 4 Giant Trouble by Urusla Vernon
  • What: Hamster Princess Series
  • When: 6 -12 years old
  • Why: Funny for all ages, strong female character
  • Where: Amazon

If you our your child prefer princesses without all the fluff, look no further than the Hamster Princess series by Ursula Vernon. This rodent royalty doesn’t mess around. Harriet loves wielding a sword and fighting to do the right thing, as well as cliff diving and fractions. 

Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible

You’ll find Harriet riding her trusty battle stead Mumfrey, who also happens to be a quail. This six book series keeps young readers enthralled with Harriet’s many exploits, but adults can also appreciate the humor, which makes it an excellent choice for reading out loud.

Page spread with graphic novel cartoon illustrations intermixed with text from Hamster Princess Giant Trouble by Ursula Vernon
These books combine graphic novels with chapters.

You might recognize some of the puns and fairy tales hidden in the titles, from Ratpunzel to Little Red Rodent Hood. Each book offers lots of graphic interludes, making them a perfect crossover from graphic novels to chapter books for anyone who loves a fun and funny heroine.

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