Knit Kid Gloves

Cozy Digits for Cold TempsCat & Jack kids girls one size knit gloves in two pack navy and stripes on navy background hanging at Target

  • What: Knit kid gloves
  • When: 5-12 years 
  • Why: Affordable, durable, compact
  • Where: Target

As the weather outside gets cold if not downright frightening, make sure to keep your little one’s hands warm with a sturdy pair of kids’ knit gloves

Cat & Jack kids one size knit gloves hanging at Target in teal, white, and pale pink with touchscreen fingertips

You can get these affordable knit gloves with or without touchscreen fingertips.

These soft but durable kid gloves come in bright colors with two or three per pack. At around five to six dollars per bundle, you can’t go wrong stocking up with these easy pieces no matter how many kids you have roaming your home. I got two packs of two for our three kids. The one size fits all and stretchy material mean you don’t have to worry about finding the right size. And with lots of colors and patterns to choose from, as well as options with touch screen capabilities so they never have to take them off, you can’t go wrong. 

These gloves fit in coat pockets without adding tons of bulk. They also pack nicely in backpacks and pants pockets for outdoor activities. They don’t perform well in wet or snowy conditions, but they do layer under snow mittens for an extra layer of warmth and protection from cold temperatures and freezing winds. No matter what your winter weather brings, it never hurts to have a pair or two on hand. And at this price point, you won’t even mind when one (or more) go missing.

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