Best of October 2019

Aquaphor tiny tube healing ointment by Eucerin next to Driven pocket series flatbed truck vehicle toy

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Tiny Trucks, Tricky Mazes, and Itty Bitty BalmAquaphor tiny tube healing ointment by Eucerin next to Driven pocket series flatbed truck vehicle toy

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As summer turned into fall, kids headed back to school and readers turned to some old favorites and added an educational toy last month.

Driven Pocket series bridge set

Driven Pocket Series: A perennial favorite, readers and kids alike can’t get enough of these tiny affordable vehicles. Each one comes with its own little garage, as well as three connecting road pieces. Collect more to construct even bigger layouts, but remember. You never know which vehicle you might get inside these blind boxes.

Lakeshore Learning Magnetic Alphabet Maze colored balloons match to letters

Lakeshore Learning Magnetic Mazes: With the start of another school year, parents started thinking about educational toys. Lakeshore Learning offers magnetic puzzles and mazes. The pieces can’t get lost, but kids can still practice the fundamentals like colors and letters in a different format from worksheets and activity books.

Aquaphor healing ointment tiny tube on the go next to pocket pencil on hardwood floor

Aquaphor on the Go: When the wind picks up, you can’t beat a tiny tube of Aquaphor to protect little cheeks, handles any scrapes, or even keep lips from getting chapped. These little tubes pack big protection in a size small enough to tuck into pockets and bags.


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