Boon Bath Pipes

Place, Pour, and Pivot These PipesBoon Building Bath Pipes set of five water toy pipes with suction cups in pink, blue, orange, green, and white

  • What: Boon Building Bath Pipes
  • When: 12 months to six years
  • Why: Affordable, durable, colorful
  • Where: Amazon

I scored a set of Boon Building Bath Pipes on serious sale back in the summer. The box arrived with my son’s name on it, and I tucked it away for his birthday in the fall. Luckily, after our big move, he remembered about this box even when I didn’t. Even better, I was able to find them, and he has gotten oodles of play time out of them since.

Our set comes with five different pipes that attach with suction cups. Each pipe features a slightly different shape, angle, or water wheel. All the pipes can be rotated in any direction, as can the smaller end caps that have holes for water to escape. That flexibility provides almost unlimited options for how kids can build and connect the pipes for playing.

Child pouring water into Boon Building bath pipes stuck on glass door

These pipes make great outdoor toys as well.

We’ve used these both in the bath and outside by sticking them to window glass. My son loves pouring water in and watching to see what happens, then rearranging the pipes to do it all over again. Best of all, you can leave them stuck to tile so they don’t take up extra room to store in or around the tub. Each piece comes in a different bright color, and all you need to start the fun is a cup or scoop to pour water, or use one of the pipes instead.

Child pouring water into Boon building bath pipes stacked one on top of the other attached to tile bath wall

My son loves rearranging the pipes and pouring in water.

You can get a set of three, five, or thirteen pieces, though the set of thirteen includes all eight pieces from the other two sets. The smaller sets have distinct pieces and all of them can be combined to make even bigger creations for more fast flowing fun.

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