Logic Land Puzzle

Logic Land Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle magnet tin problem solving game for kids

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Locate Royalty, Dragons, and More

Logic Land Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle magnet tin problem solving game for kids

  • What: Logic Land Puzzle by Brainwright
  • When: Four years and up
  • Why: Build logic skills
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a single player logic game to keep your kids entertained at home or on the road? Pick up the portable Logic Land Deduction Puzzle to test your kid’s problem solving skills.

Logic Land Deduction Puzzle on Amazon

The Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle comes in a metal tin, with the game board printed directly inside. It includes seven magnets that stick to the board, as well as one booklet with challenges ranging from beginner to expert levels. Despite the suggested age range of 8 years and up, my five year old has no trouble playing. The clear illustrations mean the game requires almost no literacy skills, yet kids as young as four can still solve complex problems thanks to the visual clues on each page.

Logic Land The Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle showing booklet of riddles to solve and inside of both sides of magnet tin
All the parts fit neatly into the included storage tin.

The tin also includes handy instructions as a reminder of what each illustration means. Each puzzle includes clues, such as the princess is not next to the dragon, or the king is to the left of the queen. Kids (or adults!) must then figure out which of the seven rooms each character occupies, then answer the main riddle, like who is in the kitchen or where is the knight? Each of the 40 pages contains one puzzle to solve, and the answer can be found on the flip side. The game comes with ten puzzles at each level of difficulty, though of course kids can also play with the magnets and the board as well. My kids, at ages five, seven, and nine, have gone back to this game time and again, and even played with friends.

Four kids playing Logic Land The Enchanted Castle Deduction puzzle by Brainwright games
One or more kids can play at the same time.

This set works great for traveling because it doesn’t require any batteries, it can be played by a single player or cooperatively, and it all packs into one slim case, though the metal may set of metal detectors at airport security. It’s worth the extra effort though, to watch the satisfaction kids get from solving the puzzle.

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