Best Activity Books for Travel

Child adding sticker to Animal Sticker Activity Book Priddy books

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Busy Little Bees on Board

Child adding sticker to Animal Sticker Activity Book Priddy books

  • What: Best activity books
  • When: Traveling with kids
  • Why: Keeps kids busy, packable, quiet
  • Where: Amazon

If you have a long way to go and don’t want to spend the majority of it keeping your kids entertained, but also don’t want to overdo screen time, consider these activity books. Designed to keep minds engaged and little ones occupied, each one offers quiet activities that will keep little minds engaged and fingers busy.

Doodle Mania scratch art notebook page with owl partially scratched off to reveal color underneath

Doodle Mania Scratch Art: If your child loves scratch art, this spiral notebook contains tons of activities for them. Each page offers a new project, like designing decorations or adding accessories via scratch art, and because kids only need one wooden stylus to scratch off the material, you don’t have to pack a lot of markers or crayons to make it work.

Hello Kitty Imagine Ink activity book and marker

Imagine Ink Activity Books: These books include coloring, mazes, puzzles, and much more. Best of all, the single included marker will work for every page, revealing hidden pictures and colors at a touch. The small size and wide variety of themes and activities make these little books work for a big age range.

birds yellow page animal sticker book early learning priddy

Animal Sticker Activity Book: With over 100 stickers to find and place, this book works for kids who can’t get enough of sticker fun, as well as a look and find book, and even sneaks in some learning. With stickers in letter shapes that need to be matched, and questions like “Which shape has the most animals?”, kids can learn basic concepts with no fuss. Bright colors and clear silhouettes make this a great choice for young travelers.

Paint by Sticker Kids Zoo Animals elephant page finished and empty accompanying sticker page

Paint by Sticker Kids: Paints don’t work well on the go, but with these sticker books for kids, they can get a similar effect with none of the mess. Kids use numbered sticker sheets to decorate a page that turns into a mosaic work of art in a variety of themes.

Crayola mini coloring pages in Whisker Haven theme

Mini Coloring Pages: If your child loves to color, grab some mini coloring pages. Each cardboard book contains 80 sheets with their favorite characters waiting to come to life in full color. The other side of the book holds six small Crayola markers just right for traveling.

Amscan activity kit in Farm Fun with four tiny markers stickers and coloring sheets

Amscan Travel Coloring Kits: I adore Amscan’s simple coloring kits. With a wide variety of general themes, like unicorns, race cars, or farm animals, kids get stickers, four tiny markers, and a pile of sheets to decorate. Each sheet fits neatly inside the plastic carrying case, so they don’t need a hard surface for writing. And the blank backs of the pages can be used to extend the fun even longer with free form art, games of tic tac toe, or whatever else appeals to them.

Water Wow under the sea themed water reveal pad and water pen by Melissa and Doug

Water Wow: Simply fill the included brush with water, and let kids loose with the pages to discover worlds of color. Once the water dries, kids can do it all over again, meaning you can get multiple rounds out of one book on the same trip. 

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