Run Yourself Ragged Game

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Don’t Lose Your MarbleRun Yourself Ragged Screwball Scramble game green plastic board with orange accents marble challenge game

  • What: Screwball Scramble Game
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Requires patience and skill
  • Where: Amazon

If you think Run Yourself Ragged sounds more like your life as a parent and not like a fun game at all, think again. This classic old school game, now called Screwball Scramble, features a board of obstacles. Players must safely navigate the marble past each challenge to win.

Screwball Scramble game on Amazon

This game works for one player, or kids can take turns seeing who can get the furthest along the course. Obstacles include tilting boards, tunnels, and slanted runways, which don’t sound complex or difficult. But a different knob or mechanism along the bottom of the board controls each obstacle, and kids (and adults!) need a steady hand and lots of patience to move from one challenge to the next without losing their marble. The game also includes a timer, so kids can race to beat their own best time.

Run Yourself Ragged marble challenge obstacle course game in box
We scored our version at a yard sale but you can get the newest one online.

If you want to encourage your kid to slow down, or practice some hand eye coordination, grab a copy of this game and let your kids loose to see how long it takes them to master the race course.

Kids playing Run Yourself Ragged Screwball Scramble on floor
My kids and others love to try this game over and over again.

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