Low Loader Truck Toy

Ready, Set, RollMelissa and Doug Low Loader wooden vehicle play set toy front loader skid steer orange and black

  • What: Melissa & Doug Low Loader Set
  • When: 12 months to 5 years
  • Why: Durable, affordable,
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a kid obsessed with construction sites and vehicles? Maybe your kid can’t get enough of Little Excavator or Digger and Tom. If you don’t want yet another plastic construction vehicle clogging up your floors and toy bins, take a closer look at Melissa & Doug’s Low Loader Set

This wooden vehicle set includes a flatbed truck with a ramp that goes up and down, the better to load the included construction vehicles. It comes with one steamroller and one front end loader (which bears a remarkable resemblance to a skid steer in case you, too, have hunted fruitlessly for a toy skid steer). The trailer moves independently of the cab so kids can hitch and unhitch at their favorite imaginative construction site. Little hands can drive the big pieces without any issues, yet the smaller size plays well with other construction vehicles to make bigger construction sites.

Melissa and Doug Low Loader wooden vehicle play set flatbed truck and trailer with yellow steam roller and orange front loader skid steer toy

These wooden toys hold up very well to lots of play time with young kids.

If you want a quality wooden alternative for some serious construction aficionados, grab a Low Loader Set for your child today.

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