Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids Over Three

Blue lizard kids' animal flashlight with lightbulb in mouth lit up

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Little Gifts That Make Big Hits

Blue lizard kids' animal flashlight with lightbulb in mouth lit up
  • What: Best Stocking Stuffers
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Small, affordable gifts
  • Where: Amazon

Thanksgiving has passed, which means I can handle the onslaught of Christmas music and decor that’s been popping up everywhere since before Halloween. It also means I’m starting to think about holiday gifts. I try to find little things to fill my kids’ stocking. Now that we don’t have to worry about choking hazards, I find this particular shopping task much easier. Find some of my favorites below.

Blue lizard kids' animal flashlight with tail handle and light hidden inside mouth

Animal Flashlights: My kids love a flashlight. From using it on camping trips and traveling to every night at home in their beds, they can’t get enough of their own little lights. These cute critters work great because they turn off as soon as kids let go, meaning I replace fewer batteries and they always have a working light.

Driven pocket series dump truck blue yellow on interconnecting gray road pieces set up

Driven Pocket Series: If your kid loves vehicles, these tiny trucks work great for stocking stuffers. The low price point means I can buy a truckload and use as many as I need to get a plump stocking. Each small blind box doubles as a parking garage for the vehicle inside, and each one also includes three road pieces that can be connected to make larger sets.

Card games for kids Go Fish Crazy Eights Fairy Queen and Slamwich stacked on floor in boxes

Card Games: From Old Maid to Spot It!, card games fit just right in a stocking. My kids love playing games, I love the compact size of card games, and it gives us something to do over the school break.

Bella Grace Bath Rainbow Bath Fizzy releasing color in tub

Rainbow Bath Bomb: We discovered this magical bath bomb last year. It looks like a white cloud, but in bathwater it makes a rainbow of bright colors. If your kid isn’t into rainbows, you can also get other bath bombs with toys hidden inside, like this Bath Bomb Toy Set on Amazon

DIY Straws on Amazon

Crazy Straws: My kids love to build things, and slurp their beverages through straws. This straw set means kids can build their own crazy contraptions then use them to drink their favorite holiday beverages. It comes with lots of straight and angled pieces as well as plenty of little connectors. You can get red, green, blue, or yellow sets, and maybe more depending on where you shop.

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