Mini Christmas Tree

Pink miniature artificial Christmas tree with white star on top and tiny decorations

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More Decoration with Less Mess

Pink miniature artificial Christmas tree with white star on top and tiny decorations
  • What: Mini Artificial Christmas Tree
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: No watering needed, easy to reach, non breakable
  • Where: Amazon or Target

Want to keep your heirloom Christmas ornaments safe from little hands but also get the kids involved in holiday decorating? Or maybe you don’t want to spend the holiday season staring at a tree that resembles your kid’s latest art project.  Perhaps you want a tree that takes up less space so the kids can make their room festive without breaking the bank. No matter what the reason, if you want to give your kids free reign on decorating a tree without committing to six feet of greenery, consider a miniature tree.

Pink Mini Christmas Tree on Amazon

You can get tiny trees in assorted colors. Green ones make for a more realistic look, but you can also get silver, white, pink, or even sometimes blue. No matter which color you choose, these two foot tall trees fit perfectly on tabletops, desks, dresser, or other small spaces. That means older siblings can keep them out of reach of younger brothers and sisters. Each wire branch folds out from the stem to make the typical triangular tree shape. 

Tiny Christmas ornaments on miniature pink artificial fake Christmas tree
You can find all sorts of miniature ornaments for small trees.

With smaller trees becoming more common, you can find tiny accessories, like ornaments, tree skirts, and even lights and toppers to deck out your selection. If you get a LEGO advent calendar, the tiny creations from each day make perfect sized ornaments for these trees. Or kids can choose to decorate with their favorite toys, from Tsum Tsum and Driven Pocket trucks, to Star Wars and much more. If you own tiny plastic toys, from dinosaurs to building blocks, they all make great decorations for this smaller sized tree without getting lost in the shuffle of the season.

Silver tinsel miniature artificial Christmas tree with tiny red tree skirt and few decorations
Our silver miniature tinsel tree.

At the end of the holidays, you can fold all the branches back down so it takes up less storage space until next year, making these tiny trees a great addition to decorations that can be used year after year, well into the college years.

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