Roald Dahl Books

Rediscover the MagicRoald Dahl books for kids The BFG Matilda and The Witches in fanned stack on hardwood floor

  • What: Roald Dahl books
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, classic, fun
  • Where: Amazon

Read through the Harry Potter collection and seen all the Star Wars movies in preparation for the newest release later this month? If you want more quality storytelling to share with your child, go on some merry adventures with Roald Dahl’s fascinating characters.

You may remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but did you know the same author penned lots more children’s books? From the popular BFG (Big Friendly Giant in case you’ve forgotten) to spunky Matilda, Dahl writes classic tales that appeal to a wide age range. They work great to read aloud for younger kids, and older kids can read the tales themselves. You can buy books individually, in a set of four or a collection of sixteen books at a time. Quite a few of the stories have been made into movies, so you can watch together before or after finishing the books.


Roald Dahl 15 book set collection in gift box with titles visible

A set of Roald Dahl titles together in one box.

With humor, a dash of magic, and suitable consequences for actions rights and wrong, Dahl weaves tales that have delighted both kids and adults for years. Read these classics time and again to find out which one your child loves best.

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