Boogie Drawing Board

Boogie Board Play and Trace LCD see through writing tablet for kids

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Discover What Lies Underneath

Boogie Board Play and Trace LCD see through writing tablet for kids

  • What: Boogie Boards Play and Trace
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Lightweight, reusable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Want a great way to keep your kids occupied without hauling around a stack of paper and markers, crayons, or other writing utensils? Look no further than the magic of Boogie Board Play and Trace.

Boogie Board Play and Trace on Amazon

These translucent blue tablets resemble the shape of an artist’s palette for good reason. Kids can use the included yellow stylus pen to draw, write, or trace things underneath. These boards work great for kids to practice making letters and numbers, as they can easily trace familiar shapes. Once kids fill up the board, a touch of the button makes it all disappear and they can start over again.

Boogie Board Play and Trace see through writing tablet for kids
This translucent surface makes it great for tracing.

These tablets make a perfect place to play tic tac toe and other quick games. Kids can also practice drawing certain animals or other objects, or create scenes for cars, or other small toys. Kids can also write messages back and forth without alerting unsuspecting adults in the front seat of the car. If you travel by air, the lightweight boards fit easily into a backpack, and the stylus will tuck into a pencil pocket to keep it from getting lost.  Even if you lose the included stylus pen, which doesn’t come attached by a string, you don’t need to worry. Almost anything will write on the board, including a basic stylus pen or even their fingernails. 

Boogie board Play and Trace with kids' menu written on translucent blue surface
You can write on the board in any orientation. Here my kids have their menu for their restaurant.

If you need an innovative yet quiet solution to keeping your kids entertained at home or on the go, let them loose with a Boogie Board Play and Trace and see what they can create.

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