Pizza Remains

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Pizza Bones Left BehindHalf eaten cheese pizza in cardboard take out box

  • What: Pizza Remains
  • When: After meal time
  • Why: Who knows?
  • Where: Our home

Here is what happens when the kids get tired of eating Thanksgiving leftovers and you get tired of arguing with them. If you have kids who eat solid foods, you will probably recognize this image. Those without kids might not know what happened, but for people with offspring, it isn’t unusual. I’m continually amazed at the amount of perfectly tasty food my “starving” kids leave behind.

Cheese pizza crust left behind with middle of pizza missing after kids eat

What do you do with the crusts your kids leave behind? I’ve tried trimming the eaten edges and selling it as breadsticks with tomato or Alfredo sauce for dipping, but most of the time, my kids’ aren’t buying the transformation. Generally the adults end up feasting on the remains as a way to supplement our meal.

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