Best Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers

Three Christmas stockings hung from window

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Hung By the Chimneys With Care

Three Christmas stockings hung from window
  • What: Stocking stuffers for toddlers
  • When: 1 to 3 years
  • Why: Fill their stockings with fun
  • Where: Amazon

Has your child graduated from the baby years but isn’t quite ready for the smaller choking hazards that often fill up stockings after age three? Try some of these fresh ideas to keep toddlers happy and their stockings full of fun.

Medium containers of Play-Doh modeling dough compound stacked in pyramid

Play-Doh: You can’t go wrong with more Play-Doh. No matter how much you own, kids constantly lose bits and pieces, mix the bright colors into one dark mass, or leave it where it dries out. Even knowing how to return it to its original condition doesn’t mean you can’t use more. Play-Doh comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose how much you need. And if you want to expand on the theme, you can always add some Play-Doh accessories, like rollers, cutters, and molds.

Blue lizard kids' animal flashlight with lightbulb in mouth lit up

Animal Flashlights: Every kid loves a flashlight, and these adorable animals have a longer battery life thanks to the fact that they turn off as soon as kids stop pressing the button. These little critter-shaped friends also make accessing the battery compartment difficult, so they work well for younger kids.

Tegu tints magnetic wooden blocks stored in original box

Tegu Magnetic Blocks: Tegu Pocket Pouches fit perfectly into stockings. Whether you want to try out these magnetic wooden blocks that stick together or expand the sets you already own, they make great additions to any stocking.

Big pile of wooden trains stored in bin

Wooden Trains: Wooden trains stuff into all the angles of stockings and can be picked up without bulky packaging in places like Target or even secondhand. They will last through lots of intense play from multiple kids.

Water Wow! Jungle themed water reveal pad activity book

Water Wows: Let young kids experiment with painting without making a mess. These activity books come with a brush and paper. Once you add water to the brush, kids use it to make the colors appear. Even better, after the water dries, kids can start all over again for hours of fun.

Kumon First Steps Workbook Let's Sticker and Paste

Kumon First Step Workbooks: These activity books include options for crucial skills like cutting, coloring, folding, and glueing. No matter which one you choose, your kid can enjoy a few at a time or go through the entire book. They work great for waiting in restaurants or other places where you want a quiet, non electronic activity that kids enjoy and make you feel good.

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