Fashion Design Art Kit

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Create Multitudes of OutfitsMelissa and Doug Fashion Design Studio Rubbing Plate Activity Art Kit in pink and purple carrying case

  • What: Fashion Design Art Activity Kit
  • When: 4 to 10 years
  • Why: Fun, compact, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a kid who loves art activities? How about one who loves fashion, clothes, or getting dressed up? If you child likes to dress their stuffed animals, dolls, and anything else he or she can get their hands on, give them the gift of a Fashion Design Art Activity Kit.

Fashion Design Studio Rubbing Art Kit on Amazon

Melissa and Doug make this sturdy plastic set, which comes with nine two-sided plates and four colored pencils. Kids can choose any of the plates for the hair style, top, and bottom to create multitudes of outfits. A simple rub of a crayon in the handy included crayon holder makes the design transfer to paper placed in the holder over the fashion plates. Add in some color and they have endless possibilities for original fashion creations. It fits half a standard size sheet of paper, making it easy to keep kids supplied with everything they need.

Melissa and Doug Fashion Design Studio Rubbing Plate Art Activity Kit with extra colored pencils and storage drawer for plates underneath
We store extra colored pencils along with the plates and crayon in our kit.

All the pieces pack nicely back into the sections of the drawer in the pink and purple case for easy storage and easy transport. My daughter loves making outfits and then coloring them in with friends and family. You can easily add markers, crayons, or more colored pencils to get more creative with the color combinations. And the rubbing works with any crayon, with or without the holder, so you can still use the set even if some of the smaller pieces go missing or get used up.

Melissa and Doug Fashion Design Studio Rubbing Plate Art Kit pink case with purple paper holder shown open
The storage drawer holds everything neatly underneath and the purple frame helps keep paper in place.

You can get the same set in a princess theme as well, in case your child prefers dressing royalty. No matter which one you choose, let your child’s fashion imagination loose with these easy to use design and plates and see what they will create next!

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