Infant Stocking Stuffers

Infant wearing green and white striped pajamas in red Christmas stocking on sofa next to stack of presents

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Little Surprises With Big Delight

Infant wearing green and white striped pajamas in red Christmas stocking on sofa next to stack of presents
  • What: Stocking Stuffers for Infants
  • When: 0 to 12 months 
  • Why: Give babies a full stocking
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to fill your infant’s stocking for their first Christmas? It can be a challenge to find small items that fit into stockings without posing a risk to your child. But in case you still have a case of mommy brain, get inspired by these ideas for a great holiday season with your newest addition.

Bright Baby Chunky Books set of nine titles shown in a three by three square configuration

Tiny Books: Each of these brightly colored small board books fits perfectly into tiny hands for easy manipulation of pages. The bright backgrounds and high contrast photos of real items appeal to babies of all ages, and make for great vocabulary building as well. Best of all, they stand up to rough handling, and also work great on the go since they fit into a pocket or bag of almost any size.

musical egg shakers in blue red green and yellow in pile

Egg Shakers: If you want to start your little Mozart off with music as soon as possible, these egg shaped shakers will do the job. Each brightly colored egg makes a fun maraca noise for excellent sensory feedback. And the rounded shape makes it easy for little hands to grasp without any sharp edges that can injure little ones.

Oball classic red blue green toy for babies infants on Amazon

Oballs: These hollow lightweight balls make great gifts for babies of any age. If you’ve already got the basic Oball, you can get a myriad of variations, like rattles, cars, and much more, featuring the same easy to clean, easy to grasp, lightweight material.

Ten stacking cups in rainbow colors shown nested

Stacking Nesting Cups: A solid set of stacking cups will outlast the baby moments and give them joy for months to come. These compact sets come with nine brightly colored plastic cups, each one a bit bigger than the one before. Adults can stack, nest, roll, or line up cups to encourage movement. Once kids get bigger, they will enjoy knocking down towers and eventually build their own stacks.

Hohner kids rainmaker rattle with clear plastic walls , multicolored balls inside, a purple top, and pink bottom

Rainmaker Rattles: You can get a full size or a smaller version of these soothing rainmaker rattles. The clear plastic tubes filled with brightly colored beads make a shushing sounds as the balls roll from one level to another, mesmerizing young children with both sound and movement.

Tiny Love jiggling hippo toy with large clip attachment

Tiny Love Clip On Toys: These soft toys feature a big clip that can attach to almost any baby item, from a car seat to a stroller, a high chair, or a play mat. No matter where you choose to use it, babies can enjoy the jiggling motion activated by gentle pulling over and over again.

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