Best Single Player Games for Kids

Roller Coaster Challenge, Three Little Piggies, Rush Hour Junior, Logic Land Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle, Cat Crimes single person player games for kids

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Going Solo For the Win

Roller Coaster Challenge, Three Little Piggies, Rush Hour Junior, Logic Land Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle, Cat Crimes single person player games for kids
  • What: Best single player games
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Fun, single or multiplayer, builds reasoning skills
  • Where: Amazon

If you want more games for single players, or that groups of kids and adults can play cooperatively while everyone is cooped up together during the holidays, check out these fabulous games for kids.

Three Little Piggies logic puzzle game for preschoolers by Smart Games front of blue box shown with illustration of three little pigs story

Three Little Piggies: This spin on the classic fairy tale can be played by young and old. It requires zero literacy skills and has four different levels for each of two types: day and night. For the daytime version, the pigs need to stay outside their straw, wood, and brick house 3D puzzle pieces. At night, make sure to tuck them inside to keep them safe from the marauding wolf. No matter which way you play, this game offers lots of fun with minimal fuss.

Rush Hour Jr Logic puzzle game for kids from Think Fun

Rush Hour Junior: Move the cars and clear the traffic jam to let the ice cream truck pass. This logic puzzle offers 40 challenges, from beginning to expert to meet a variety of ages and stages. Young kids love the brightly colored cars, and playing requires minimal reading. 

Logic Land The Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle showing booklet of riddles to solve and inside of both sides of magnet tin

Logic Land: This game comes tucked inside a tin with magnetic pieces. Solve the logic puzzle to answer the question on each page. Kids will need to recognize some basic words, but most of the puzzles can be completed with little reading required. Move the magnets to the correct room to figure out who goes where and solve the riddle.

Roller Coaster Challenge logic puzzle STEM game with coaster at end of track and game card showing

Roller Coaster Challenge: Kids can solve the different challenges on each card to get the roller coaster marble from beginning to end. This game requires a little more understanding of how each piece works as well as knowledge of numbers and good counting skills. But once you learn the basics, kids can play over and over again. Younger kids can enjoy building creations without the need to solve the puzzle, so it works for a variety of ages.

Cat Crimes card challange next to board crime token and cat piece

Cat Crimes: Who can resist the dastardly crimes committed by these feisty felines? This puzzle requires reading to set up the pieces in each crime correctly. Then using the clues, figure out which cat did the totally believable deeds in this whodunnit masterpiece geared towards kids but beloved by cat lovers everywhere.

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