Rainbow Drawers

The Container Store rainbow storage drawers

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Color Code Your Belongings

The Container Store rainbow storage drawers
  • What: Rainbow Storage Drawers
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Convenient, cute, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to get organized in the new year? Want a big present you can feel good about gifting, and that multiple siblings can use? Invest in a set of rainbow storage drawers.

Multicolor Ten Drawer Storage Cart on Amazon

We saw a set of rainbow drawers at the store with the kids, and they all fell in love with them. I wasn’t sure what purpose they would serve, so we didn’t impulse buy them. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how useful they could be. So we went back and got a set of ten drawers.

Magic coloring markers inside rainbow drawer
All of our markers fit into one pink drawer.

I immediately sorted our overflowing art supplies into these drawers, and like magic, our kids started using all the various stuff, from sticker to stamps, that had been piled together wherever we could find space. I put crayons in one drawer, dumped all the markers from their boxes into another, added paper in one, stickers in their own drawer, stamps in a drawer, and much more. We still couldn’t fit everything in even with ten drawers, so we stuck the remains on top so everything would be in one place.

Rainbow storage cart drawers organization holding kids art supplies
These ten drawers are filled with the kids’ art supplies.

Even better, we added labels and the kids started putting their art supplies away properly. When they wanted crayons, they could remove the entire drawer and take it to the table, instead of dumping out boxes and leaving them everywhere they rolled.

I loved these drawers so much that when I saw another set on serious sale, I grabbed those, too. For a while we had arts and crafts, like Play Doh and melty beads, in both sets of drawers. You can also get drawers that stack so you can use more vertical space and less horizontal space. We have a set that opens along the long side of the drawer, and the short side to fit into different areas. You can get them with or without wheels.

Red Legos sorted into red drawer from rainbow storage drawer with small container of pink Lego in middle
We use one set of rainbow drawers to sort Legos by color.

No matter what kind you choose, the shallow flat drawers make it easier to find small things. Since our big move, I’ve reorganized all our drawers (some things, like our crayon melting machine, didn’t fit well into the shallow drawers), and we now have Legos sorted by color into the matching colored drawer.

However you decide to use this kid friendly storage, from the playroom to the bedroom to your own supplies, you can’t go wrong investing in a set.

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