Holiday Hot Cocoa

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Add Some Holiday SpiritHoliday hot cocoa for kids with miniature candy cane stirrer mini marshmallows and red green and white sprinkles

  • What: Holiday Hot Cocoa
  • When: Wintertime
  • Why: Festive, easy, fun
  • Where: Your home

Want an easy way to include kids when festive holiday drinks come out? Grab a box of candy canes (I prefer the miniature ones), and some mini marshmallows and let them loose with some hot cocoa.

Kids orange mug with hot cocoa and miniature candy cane stirrer
The little candy cane works great to stir as it adds a bit of holiday flavor.

Older kids enjoy mixing their own hot cocoa. Our kids personally prefer lukewarm cocoa, so we add cold water or even an ice cube after mixing up the powder. Then all you need is a candy cane to stir with, and a few mini marshmallows to push around. You can make the cocoa from milk instead of water to sneak some extra calcium in with all the sugar.

If you want to go all out and make a hot cocoa buffet, other options include Andes mints, sprinkles, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and caramel sauce. All of the above pair well with cookie baking (or eating).

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