Nerf Nitro Car Launcher

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Shoot Cars Into ActionNerf Nitro Car Blaster launcher close up view of trigger blue orange and gray plastic

  • What: Nerf Nitro Car Blaster
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why:  No track needed, foam cars
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for cars that don’t need a track? Maybe you don’t want your kids’ toy vehicles leaving marks on the walls, baseboard, or injuring innocent bystanders. If you love the lightweight appeal of Nerf Nitro foam cars, consider adding to your collection with the Nerf Nitro Flash Fury Chaos blaster.

Nerf Nitro Flash Fury Chaos Set on Amazon

This launcher works much like the famous Nerf artillery. You load one or more cars into the top, then pull the trigger to launch the cars across almost any surface. It works best on smooth floors, but can be used virtually anywhere depending on how far you want the cars to travel. Our foam cars go clear across the house, and they can really fly. 

Nerf Chaos Fury foam car blaster and launcher
Our Nerf Nitro Flash Fury foam car launching set.

This set includes a variety of stunts. It comes with a jump, multiple barrels and other obstacles to set up and knock over, and two targets that pop out of their gates as cars race through them. The operation can be handled by young kids, but the cars launch so far that older kids love to get in on the action as well.

Nerf Flash Fury Chaos foam car stunt with pop up target
The lightweight foam cars blast through gates and the round discs pop into the air.

You don’t need any track pieces to connect or clean up when playing with these fast, lightweight cars. You may have to hunt in some unexpected places when the cars go further than anticipated. All the pieces fit easily into a bin for simple storage and cleanup, and it requires minimal setup. The only problem is deciding who gets to fire the cars first, the kids or adults. Luckily, that can be fixed by getting another set. Nerf makes a variety of different sets with car blasters if you need even more.

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