Best of November 2019

REI Kids Kindercone sleeping bag, Fairy Queen card game, Aquaphor tiny tube, Driven pocket series tiny truck

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Driven to Play, Sleeping Snug, and Itty Bitty Balm

REI Kids Kindercone sleeping bag, Fairy Queen card game, Aquaphor tiny tube, Driven pocket series tiny truck
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While lots of people stuffed themselves with turkey and cranberry jelly, these parents had other things on their minds during the busy month of November. Parents wanted to keep their kids’ skin safe and healthy during all that holiday travel, and a cozy place to sleep didn’t hurt, either. Plus, you can’t go wrong with an easy, portable card game kids and adults can enjoy together during this time of year.

Driven Pocket Series trucks vehicles toy Construction bridges set assembled on wood floor

Driven Pocket Series: The popularity of these tiny affordable trucks can’t be denied. They’ve made the month’s most popular list yet again for good reason. Each tiny garage comes with one randomly selected small vehicle and three connecting road pieces. The more you collect, the more you can connect.

Aquaphor .35 oz on the go tube healing ointment skin protectant

Aquaphor on the Go: A little goes a long way with this soothing skin balm. Use it for everything from preventing windburn to healing cracked, dry, or irritated skin just about anywhere.

Child inside REI Nodder kids sleeping bag in blue with red zipper accents

Kids’ Sleeping Bag: Kids will sleep snug as a bug inside or out in one of these plush sleeping bags. Designed to adjust as your kid grows, they can choose a range of colors to suit their own personal style, while parents will feel good knowing their investment will last more than one season.

Fairy Queen Card Game eeBoo old maid rules

Fairy Queen Card Game: This game with magical creatures and fanciful illustrations might make you reminisce about Old Maid. But the fairies in this game give you a helping hand as you try to make matches by either playing the memory version or by selecting cards from the other player’s hand. Either way you play, it makes a great game with no literacy skills required.


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