Genius Lego Inventions Book

Genius Lego Inventions with bricks you already have book by Sarah Dees

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Go Beyond the Instruction Manual

Genius Lego Inventions with bricks you already have book by Sarah Dees

  • What: Genius Lego Inventions Book
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Stimulate creativity, use pieces you already own
  • Where: Amazon

Sick of hunting down random Legos and trying to piece together the creations your child loves?  Take Lego building to the next level with Genius LEGO Inventions by Sarah Dees.

Genius Lego Inventions book on Amazon

This book, filled with forty cool new ideas, uses bricks you already own. It includes photos and written instructions for each project, and has them sorted into five categories: robots, mechanical toys, contraptions, inventions, and games. It includes things like a candy machine that can dispense real candy and a marble maze to solve. 

Candy Machine from Genius Lego Inventions book by Sarah Dees
Each project includes a parts list as well as lots of illustrations with step by step instructions.

Think of this book like a set of 40 Lego instructions that all stay together with no ripped pages. Each project includes a list of bricks you need, but the book also encourages builders to make substitutions and experiments with different pieces. Most of the projects (once you find the pieces needed) take around half an hour to construct, and lots of them have moving parts or added props like a marble so kids can enjoy the result as well as the building process.

Lego pinball machine built from Genius Lego Inventions
My nine year old built this pinball machine.

If you want to take your child’s Lego imagination to the next level, get a copy of this handy instruction manual for your household. Or pair this book with a set of classic Legos for a fabulous gift idea.

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