Kids’ Travel Toothbrush

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Color Your Teeth CleanGUM Crayola kids travel toothbrush in red and pink on glass bathroom shelf with pink brush out of case

  • What: GUM Crayola Kids Travel Toothbrush
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Sanitary, affordable, appealing
  • Where: Amazon

If you don’t love the nifty suction cup travel toothbrush covers ike I do, you can still get a great toothbrush that fits easily into a travel bag of bathroom supplies. My kids love this GUM Crayola Kids’ Travel Toothbrush.

GUM Crayola Kids Travel Toothbrush on Amazon

These brushes come in pink, purple, blue, red, and green. Each color features a translucent crayon base with a brush head that tucks neatly inside the handle. When packed, the top looks like a crayon, making these toothbrushes both cute and fun as well as easy to keep clean, even inside bags. Kids can easily switch from travel mode to brushing mode with no adult assistance needed. And the brush stands up on its own, meaning you don’t need a separate toothbrush holder to keep them upright. 

GUM Crayola kids travel toothbrush in red standing upright and pink in case laying down
My kids can open and close their toothbrushes without any assistance.

The smaller size of the brush head and soft bristles make it great for mouths of kids as young as four, and the wider handle on the bottom makes a good grip for little hands. Best of all, we got these from our pediatric dentist, so I know they please kids and dentists alike.

If you need an everyday toothbrush or one for occasional traveling that appeals to your child, pack one of the Crayola kids toothbrushes for your next outing.


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