Luggage Strap 

Samsonite Add-a-Bag luggage strap connecting Orla Kiely full size suitcase and roller board carry on suitcase

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Haul It All With One Hand

Samsonite Add-a-Bag luggage strap connecting Orla Kiely full size suitcase and roller board carry on suitcase

  • What: Samsonite Add-a-Bag Strap
  • When: Traveling with or without kids
  • Why: Lightweight, compact, frees up a hand
  • Where: Amazon

If you travel with young kids, consider bringing along an extra luggage strap to keep your belongings corralled. Even if the kids run wild, you will know where all your stuff is.

Samsonite Add-a-Bag Luggage Strap on Amazon

I like Samsonite Add-a-Bag Strap with two buckles. I prefer the adjustable type, so I don’t have to struggle with tight straps, and can move the smaller bag’s position as needed after I attach it. I use one of the two buckles to go around the strap of the biggest bag, then I use the second one for my roller board filled with all the stuff I want to carry on board an airplane. I can also usually get a third small bag or handle onto the same strip, such as the kids’ suitcases, a car seat bag, or even our handy JetKids BedBox.

Samsonite Add-a-Bag luggage strap with roller board and lunch box attached to full size Orla Kiely orange stem pattern suitcase
I can usually connect at least three items together with this one strap.

I’ve also used a luggage strap when traveling by car. Then we don’t need to wait to get a luggage cart at busy times when checking or or out of hotel, and either adult can manage extra bags without using both hands. It can help, too, if you have to park further away from your lodgings than you’d like.

Luggage strap attaching rollerboard carry on suitcase to larger checked bag
The same strap holding different bags together for one-handed hauling.

I keep my luggage strap in the outside pocket of my carry on bag, so that I can grab it quickly and easily on the jetway, in the parking garage, or at public transportation stops. That also means I never leave home without it. Combined with my favorite Toogli stroller hook, it makes traveling with kids, even without a second adult, much more feasible.

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