Best Chapter Books for Young Readers

Chapter books for young kids readers The Bad Guys Hamster Princess Henry and Mudge Magic Tree House

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Beginning Chapter Books for Kids

Chapter books for young kids readers The Bad Guys Hamster Princess Henry and Mudge Magic Tree House
  • What: Best chapter books 
  • When: Six to nine years
  • Why: Large text, short chapters, frequent illustrations
  • Where: Amazon

Want to encourage your new reader this year? Maybe you want to give your kids something they can enjoy over and over again, for months to come, and that can be passed along when the time comes. No matter your reason, whether you want to excite a new reader or support one still learning, these chapter books appeal to kids while making reading fun.

Hamster Princess book 4 Giant Trouble by Urusla Vernon

Hamster Princess: I love the fearless attitude and atypical rodent princess in this hilarious series. My daughter loves the large text, frequent illustrations, and the entertaining plots.

Fairy Animals of Misty Wood books by Lily Small Sophie the Squirrel Kylie the Kitten and Penny the Pony in a stack

Fairy Animals:  The mystical inhabitants of Misty Wood will mesmerise young readers. Choose from an array of animals to start exploring this fantasy setting. Each book has short chapters that keep kids wanting to read more. These books can be enjoyed in any order, each featuring a different main character.

Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus chapter books for kids by Barbara Park

Junie B. Jones: Kids young and old can empathize with Junie B. Jones and her escapades. Whether you read it out loud to kids just starting primary school, or your older child wants a chapter book they can enjoy on their own, everyone will be amused by the antics and attitude of Junie.

Magic Tree House books 2 3 and 4 by Mary Pope Osborne

Magic Tree House: Each of these plentiful adventure books featuring Jack and Annie takes kids on a trip through real world topics, from history to environmental issues. They do a great job combining the mystery of magic with a factual approach so kids learn lots of new information on any given topic.

The Bad Guys Books by Aaraon Blabey Intergalactic Gas and Attack of the Zittens

The Bad Guys: These graphic novels provide a quick but entertaining read for any kids just switching from picture to chapter books. The shark, piranha, wolf, and snake foursome work to do good deeds and change everyone’s perspective about their predatory habits.

Henry and Mudge books by Cynthia Rylant

Henry and Mudge: All the books in this series follow Henry and his lovably oversized pet dog, Mudge. From solving mysteries to exploring traditions, Henry and Mudge offer large easy to read text and black and white illustrations. Kids can enjoy the series chronologically or in any order, or even just pick and choose topics that appeal to them.

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