Looking Back

Tennis shoes sneakers running shoes Columbia with banana, LUSH solid shampoo in open tin, and Myro Solar Flare deodorant

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2019 Year in Review

Tennis shoes sneakers running shoes Columbia with banana, LUSH solid shampoo in open tin, and Myro Solar Flare deodorant

  • What: Year End Reflections
  • When: 2019
  • Why: Changing my perspective
  • Where: Our home

Instead of making a bunch of New Year’s resolutions that I won’t keep for a month or even a week, much less a year, I’ve decided to do something a little different this year. I want to look back at the last year and pat myself on the back for all the changes I have made and stuck with over time.

LUSH solid shampoo in reusable tin inside shower caddy

Solid Shampoo: I switched from liquid shampoo to a solid. I’ve always loved LUSH solid shampoo for traveling. But somehow it never occurred to me that solid shampoos worked great for regular use, too, and worked better for the environment. I had several different bars, so now I use one as my everyday shampoo. It means less packaging, which equals less plastic use. And like all LUSH products, it comes cruelty free with no testing on animals. Their eco-friendly minimal packaging makes it better for me and the planet.

Bananas, avocados, and kiwis on counter

Fresh Foods: I increased how many fresh fruits and veggies my kids eat. Thanks to our recent move, we live even closer to the grocery store, making it easier for me to grab fresh fruits and veggies for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between meals. Now that I go more often, I use more fresh produce. Even simple stuff like apple slices, bananas, and smoothies made from leftovers goes a long way to helping my kids make healthy choices and leaves me feeling less guilty about their diet.

Myro solar flare scented deodorant in refillable container

Refillable Deodorant Container: In another effort to reduce my single use plastic, I have tried a new deodorant from Myro. Not only does it not have aluminum or parabens (I’ve been avoiding those for years), but now it comes with less packaging and you can get it at Target. Myro’s line of deodorant offers more than five scents to choose from, and you buy the container once. Then when you need more, you buy a refill pod that uses less packaging (all of which can be recycled). I’ve found this brand to work better than my natural brand, and I feel great about the reduced packaging.

Well worn Columbia running shoes sneakers tennis shoes on hardwood floor

More Exercise: I started exercising four to five times a week, up from two or three. With all my kids finally in school full time, I’ve been able to commit to daily exercise every weekday. I make it out rain or shine when the kids have school, and my efforts have paid off, since I lost nine pounds, tool. I can’t tell much difference in my waistline, but I sleep better, have more energy, and more patience. Since I also spend my exercise time listening to music or meeting up with friends to chat while we walk, I feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck, and a good lesson in putting myself first, especially after my health scare in 2018.

It may not sound like much, but the little things add up. Instead of focusing on all the ways I fall short. I like to remember all the small changes I have made and managed to continue for months.


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