Best of December 2019

Teeny Trucks, Traveling Beds, and Soothing PetsCreativity for Kids Weighted Sequined Pet Sloth blue wearing doll dress, REI Kids Nodder Sleeping bag, Driven Pocket Series garage and tiny truck with connecting road pieces, and JetKids BedBox

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December meant travel and gifts galore, as readers checked out these popular posts.

Driven Pocket Series vehicles with opening garage in yellow and black, green tractor with trailer, three connecting gray road pieces, and tiny stop sign

Driven Pocket Series: This collection of teeny tiny trucks continues to top the list month after month and for good reason. My son is equally obsessed with the little vehicles, as am I. Each miniature garage comes with a random vehicle inside as well as road pieces that connect, and even some signs to accentuate your growing roadways. At an extremely reasonable price point and taking up minimal space, these little trucks make a great gift or indulgence year round.

JetKids BedBox wheeled suitcase ride on for kids

JetKids BedBox: We just used our beloved BedBox again during the holidays. Despite my kids’ older ages at nine, seven, and five, they fight over who gets to ride it through the airport and who gets the luxury travel accommodations on board the airplane. If you haven’t checked out this stroller, suitcase, and bed on board an airplane combo, why wait?

REI Nodder kids sleeping bag in bright blue with red pull string on attached bag

Kids’ Sleeping Bags: Keep your kids toasty with a sleeping bag made just for them. These durable bags from REI adjust as your kids grow to keep them warm at any age. They work great for camping, sleepovers, and trips to the grandparents’ house. My kids love theirs so much they often use them at home as well.

Creativity for Kids Weighted Sequined Pet Sloth blue wearing blue gingham doll dress

Weighted Sequin Pets: These soothing sequined pets come in a variety of different types and two sizes. Your child (or if you’re like me, you) can enjoy styling your pet with the included sticker props, flipping the reversible sequins, or just cuddling the weighted stuffed animal.


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