Wet Brush

Untangle Without TearsWet Brush mini detangler hair brush for kids pink with rainbows and unicorns small

  • What: Wet hairbrush
  • When: As soon as your kid has hair
  • Why: Because it works
  • Where: Amazon

I had read online about the wonders of the Wet Brush. We got one on a whim when we saw it on sale, and boy, let me tell you. Save yourself lots of tears and get one as soon as your child has tangled hair.

My daughter has thin curly hair that gets tangled if you look at it wrong. I used to cajole her into letting me comb or brush or even just pick at the tangles individually with my fingers. I had to bribe her with electronics or other goodies to even get close to her hair. 

Wet Brush hair mini detanlger box

Our mini brush does all this and more.

Not now. She asks me to brush her hair because it feels so good. And I know brushing more frequently (once a day or more, crazy talk!) means less tangles. But both my boys, whose tangles I fixed with short haircuts, ask me to brush their hair now, too.

Child's blond hair brushed with no tangles

My daughter not only lets me brush her hair now, she asks me to do it multiple times a day!

I got a mini Wet Brush because it costs less, and fit better in my daughter’s hand. She liked the bright colors and fun designs and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. We will be getting another one for sure. I have no idea what makes it work. It looks similar to other brushes I’ve owned and tried, but my kids do not complain or fuss about brushing. It doesn’t pull or get stuck as often as other hair accessories brushes. I used to spend more than twenty minutes trying to work the kinks out of my daughter’s fine, curly hair. This brush does the same job in less than five minutes.

I only wish I had invested in one sooner. 

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