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JetKids BedBox with three Amscan travel coloring kits and Driven pocket series restaurant service station play set

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JetKids BedBox with three Amscan travel coloring kits and Driven pocket series restaurant service station play set
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For anyone keeping track, these most popular posts from 2019 will come as no surprise. All three of these favorites made the top monthly lists repeatedly. See what everyone else can’t get enough of reading.

Driven Pocket Series gas service station parking garage restaurant big rig burger tiny vehicle road pieces play set

Driven Pocket Series: It comes as no surprise that these tiny trucks, which made the list many months, also topped the year end list in popularity. The little garages serve as blind bags for a variety of miniature vehicles big on features. Each box contains one of the many vehicles, from trucks and cars to street sweepers and even helicopters and airplanes, as well as three connecting road pieces and even a tiny road sign. Discovering which vehicle you get tucked inside is part of the fun. Collect them all to connect both the road and garages for a big hit.

JetKids BedBox packed with travel supplies inside shown in bed mode with platform open on top of ride on suitcase

JetKids BedBox: I’ve had our BedBox for years, and still get tons of use out of this multi-purpose suitcase. It doubles as a ride on for kids both through the airport and at your destination. Swivel wheels makes it easy for kids to steer, or you can pull it to give them a free ride. The strap easily converts to a shoulder strap for carryings over rough terrain, and the entire suitcase fits underneath the seat onboard. Once in flight, you can pull out the included mattress and set up the platform to make a flat surface for your child to stretch out and get comfortable.

Amscan travel coloring kits in yellow farm, black planes trains cars, and pink unicorn themes with mini markers, sticker sheets, and coloring sheets shown inside open case

Amscan Travel Coloring Kits: These small kits contain everything kids need to stay entertained on the go. They come in a variety of themes to suit almost any interest. Tucked inside the plastic carrying case complete with handle you’ll find coloring sheets (with a blank side on reverse in case you need extra space for tic-tac-toe or other activities), four tiny markers, and two sheets of stickers, all for a bargain price.


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