LUSH Solid Lotion

LUSH Tender Is the Night solid massage bar in signature silver tin

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Get a Grip on Firm Moisturizer

LUSH Tender Is the Night solid massage bar in signature silver tin
  • What: LUSH Solid Lotion
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Less packaging, longer lasting
  • Where: LUSH or Amazon

I have made the switch from liquid body lotion to a solid kind. Much like my beloved shampoo bars, I get my solid body lotion bars from LUSH. I’ve used them off and on for years intermittently, but recently switched for good.

Lush Tender is the Night solid massage bar body lotion moisturizer in oval tin next to square LUSH tin on windowsill
You can buy a reusable tin to store your solid lotion and massage bar.

I love the minimal packaging. Their body lotions all subscribe to their promise to be cruelty free to animals as well as vegetarian ingredients. I have used their round lotion called Little Pot of Energy and some older products. Now I gravitate towards their massage bars, like Tender Is the Night, which offer a wide variety to fit almost any skin type and scent preference. The massage bars all have a little something extra built right into the bar to provide the extra massaging element. You can search their website by scent or mood, or just go into the store and test them for yourself.

I first used one of these solid lotion bars on my psoriasis to help soothe my inflamed skin. I loved the subtle scent and extra moisturizing shea butter, and put it on underneath gloves to eradicate breakouts. Then it got bumped to the back of the bathroom storage and I forgot about it until our recent move.

Years later, tucked inside its tin, it still works just as well. I loved it so much I made the switch from liquid lotion with all its packaging to this solid form. I find the lotions and massage bars have fewer dyes in them, so they don’t irritate my sensitive skin. And I love how it keeps my skin moist and smooth all day long. 

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