Unicorn Hoodie Blanket Kit

Make a Magical Wearable CreationUnicorn Hoodie Blanket Kit by Make It Real arts crafts do it yourself project for kids

  • What: Unicorn Hoodie Blanket Kit
  • When: Six years and up
  • Why: Learn beginning sewing construction, multi-purpose 
  • Where: Amazon

If you have a child who loves projects, wants to try their hand at sewing, or can’t get enough of unicorns, check out this unicorn hoodie kit from Make It Real. 


The kit includes everything you need to make a one size fits all unicorn hoodie blanket. Use the step by step instructions, which show a picture for each of the 102 steps, to get to work. Although the number of steps seems daunting, they go quickly. It requires minimal sewing, and the majority of the project involves tying pieces of fabric in knots.


Instruction booklet showing illustrated steps for Make It Real Unicorn Hoodie Blanket kit

The step by step instructions comes fully illustrated for easier assembly.

Kids will need either an adult to read the instructions or good reading and counting skills and the ability to follow the instructions in order without missing any steps. Kids get to try out basic sewing skills to assemble the horn and ears and provide the final touches on the unicorn.

Young girl tying knots to create unicorn hoodie blanket with Make It Real Kit

My daughter tying the knots to create her unicorn hoodie.

Once complete, this felt unicorn makes a great blanket, hoodie, or even a costume. My daughter got this make your own unicorn hoodie kit as a holiday gift. She’s enjoyed crafting her very own unicorn clothing over the course of several sessions, and it makes for a great activity on long winter days when cold weather and early sunsets keep us inside.

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