Glow in the Dark Magna-Tiles

Glow in the dark Magna-Tiles creation isosceles triangle creation glowing

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Light Up Your Child’s Creations

Glow in the dark Magna-Tiles creation isosceles triangle creation glowing

  • What: Glow in the Dark Magna-Tiles
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Wide age appeal, durable, spark creativity
  • Where: Amazon

At ages 9, 7, and 5, my kids still play with their Magna-Tiles daily. They got even more Magna-Tiles for the holidays to expand their collection and creations, this time in a new Glow in the Dark version.

Magna-Tiles Glow in the Dark 16 Piece Set on Amazon

I can’t say what I expected based on the box, perhaps a greener color more similar to the translucent ones we already own. But these opaque tiles come in a yellowish white color that does, indeed, glow in the dark. My kids couldn’t really care less about the glowing aspect, but love having more basic shapes for building. They also took to the included instruction sheet full of ideas and creations.

Magna-Tiles scattered on hardwood floor including magnet car and glow in the dark tiles
In normal light, these tiles look solid.

We got the 36 piece set, which includes two large squares, 16 small squares, seven equilateral triangles, six right triangles, and four isosceles triangles because we got a great deal. You can also get a 16 piece set with no large squares with the same glowing ability.

Magna-Tiles creation structure built on coffee table with Lego animals on top
No matter how many Magna-Tiles we have, my kids always want more to build bigger and better creations.

No matter how many you choose to buy, light up your child’s imagination with the construction building toy.

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