Fighter Planes Book

Facts and Figures about FightersFighter Planes Usborne nonfiction kids books by Henry Brook

  • What: Fighter Planes Book
  • When: 8 to 12 years
  • Why: Intriguing, educational, appealing
  • Where: Amazon

My son received this Fighter Planes book by Henry Brook as a gift for the holidays and he adores it. 

This nonfiction book comes chock full of facts about the history and types of fighter planes, from the original ones used in World War I to the stealth bombers of today. It also covers lots of educational facts, like how radar works, what makes a sonic boom, and evasive maneuvers. It includes many different models of fighter planes both old and new with stats for each one, as well as several diagrams and countless explanations.

Page foldout from Fighter Planes nonfiction book by Henry James from Usborne

This book has lots of diagrams and explanations.

My son only stops reading this book when he can talk us into reading it out loud to him. He’s taken it to bed with him on several occasions to continue reading on his own by flashlight.

Warbirds page spread from Fighter Planes book by Henry Book from Usborne

The material covers the history of fighter planes as well as current information.

If you have a child who loves knowing how things work, and asks questions about fighter planes that you can’t answer and don’t want to trust to Google, get a copy of this book from my beloved Usborne book company. They also make similar selections featuring submarines, tanks, and more to keep your fighting vehicle enthusiast satisfied no matter what they love.

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