Magnetic Curtain Holdbacks

Keep Curtains ContainedUmbra Halo Drapery Holdbacks magnetic ring closure in autumn bronze color holding brown curtains

  • What: Umbra Halo Drapery Holdback
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Easy to use, affordable, no tools required
  • Where: Amazon

I first started using these big magnetic curtain holdbacks in a tiny shower to keep the shower curtain out of the way. But I fell in love with the concept, and we now have several pairs of Umbra Halo Drapery Holdbacks all over our house.

I love that you don’t need to attach anything to the wall keep curtains corralled. If you have lovely woodwork surrounding your windows, or if you just don’t want to risk small parts like screws falling out if your child pulls on the curtains, these rings do the trick. Each ring is roughly the size of a hamburger bun. One end opens when you pull on it, and the opposite side has a hinge that rotates. You simply collect the fabric inside the two halves of the circle, then line up the open ends. The magnets attract and snap together to hold everything in place. You can gather as much or as little fabric inside the ring as you want. The ring will remain in place even gripping some of the fabric in the magnetic closure thanks to the strong attraction.

Umbra Halo Drapery Holdbacks in autumn bronze ring shown in open s shape

These rings open on one side so you can gather as much or as little material as you like.

This design can easily be used by kids to open and close their own curtains. They come in packs of two in a variety of finishes, including pewter, nickel, and bronze, to match almost any home or nursery decor. Best of all, you don’t need any type of tools or batteries to install them. Simply unpack and put them to work.


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