Poppleton Books

Explore More with the PigPoppleton books by Cynthia Rylant for beginning early readers

  • What: Poppleton books
  • When: 5 to 9 years old
  • Why: Easy to read, three short stories per book, sweet
  • Where: Amazon or your local library

I adore pigs, so I freely admit my bias towards these sweet Poppleton books by Cynthia Rylant. If you haven’t met Poppleton, this delightful swine has a wonderful attitude and also happens to populate some books perfect for early readers of any age.

Much like the Henry and Mudge books, each book contains three separate stories with lots of illustrations and two to four sentences per page. While the language isn’t complex, it also doesn’t shy away from longer words with more complex sounds. Best of all, each story ends on a high note, with Poppleton putting the best spin on some frustrating situations. Kids can relate to the simple dilemmas found within these pages.

Poppleton and Friends table of contents three story titles and page number

Each book contains three stories.

With ten books in the series that can be read in almost any order, you’ll be sure to find one that appeals to your child. In addition to the original Poppleton, you can get Poppleton and Friends, Poppleton Everyday, Poppleton Has Fun, Poppleton Forever, Poppleton in Spring, Poppleton in Summer, Poppleton in Fall, Poppleton In Winter, and Poppleton at Christmas. Or you can get five books all together in a set. No matter which one your child chooses, they will enjoy the antics of this friendly pig.

Poppleton in Winter page from Cynthia Rylant book for early young beginning readers

Each page has a few sentences with an illustration.


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