Monthly Rankings 2019

Best of the Year All in One PlaceDecember 2019 calendar with one day per box and holidays marked

  • What: Monthly Rankings
  • When: 2019
  • Why: All the most popular posts
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You may have seen the most popular posts from 2019, but if you’re curious about which posts garnered the views month to month, yet don’t want to dig to find each month’s results, use these handy shortcuts to see the posts from any given month.

Last four months of 2019 calendar pages

Out of 778 total posts, we saw quite a few repeat winners who made the list multiple months. Take a peek and see what you might’ve missed that others loved.

January: Amscan Travel Coloring Kits, Back Seat Car Organizers, Sound Sleep Interrupted

February: Valentine’s Arts and Crafts, Long Winter Reads, Leftover Fruit Redo

March: JetKids BedBox, Gardening with Kids, Hatley Raincoats

April: Kids’ Sleeping Bag, Berenstain Bears Books, Alite Designs Mayfly Chair

May: Fairy Ponies Books, Driven Pocket Series, JetKids BedBox

June: Fairy Ponies, Driven Pocket Series, JetKids BedBox

July: Driven Pocket Series, Aquaphor on the Go, Crayola Picture Projector

August: Driven Pocket Series, Kids’ Sleeping Bag, Amscan Travel Coloring Kits

September: Driven Pocket Series, Shark Bike Horn, Aquaphor on the Go

October: Driven Pocket Series, Lakeshore Learning Magnetic Mazes, Aquaphor on the Go

November: Driven Pocket Series, Aquaphor on the Go, Kids’ Sleeping Bag

December: Driven Pocket Series, JetKids BedBox, Kids’ Sleeping Bag

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