Electric Football Game

NFL Electric Football Game box Tudor Games

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Get All the Football Fun on a Smaller Scale

NFL Electric Football Game box Tudor Games
  • What: Electric Football Game
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Replicates real game action
  • Where: Amazon

If SuperBowl LIV didn’t go your way, and you or your child would like to recreate the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, invest in a NFL Electric Football Game

NFL Electric Football Game on Amazon

This game set comes complete with a field marked out in yards, as well as field goals. You can use the included stickers to mark the teams that play. The set includes 24 plastic figures to man two teams on the field. You can even add jersey numbers for each player to recreate your fantasy football team.

Player number stickers and NFL football team logos from NFL Electric Football game
Add stickers to determine the teams that play and numbers for each player.

You will also get two triple threat quarterback plastic figures, who can throw or kick the ball. Each player fits onto a pair of clear plastic cleats, and you can choose between two different kinds of cleats: speed or strength. Angle the cleats to determine which way a player will go when the action starts.

Plastic cleats on the bottom of NFL team figure from electric football game
Each player sports a tiny plastic base which can be angled to affect the play.

Once both the offense and defense set up, the offensive player starts the play by turning the dial and making the field come alive. You can adjust the dial to affect both strength and speed. If you chose a running play, see how far the player who carries the imaginary ball goes. If you tried a passing play, wait to see if any receivers break open. Then you get several chances, depending on the level of difficulty you want, to hit that player with the tiny felt ball thrown by your triple threat quarterback.

Two teams lined up on the 20 yard line in NFL Electric Football game
Line up the offense and defense to get started.

If the field markers say you didn’t gain ten yards in four downs, you can punt the ball on fourth down or risk turning it over at the current field position. Or if you have the skill, you can go for the field goal. No matter what you choose, the electronic action of the game can level the playing field for players of all ages. 

After the play field overview from NFL Electric Football game by Tudor Games
The buzzing action causes players to move, resulting in something like this shot at the end of each play.

We’ve never played more than a few turns at offense for each player because the game takes roughly as long as the real thing, depending on how fast players get their teams set up for each play.  But if you have a football fanatic who wants to recreate all the uncertainty of the real game without ever having to leave the house, this game is for you.

NFL Electric Football triple threat quarterback and tiny felt footballs
The game comes with two triple threat quarterbacks who can kick and throw as well as six tiny felt footballs.

A word of warning: the triple threat quarterbacks have tiny moving plastic pieces and must be handled gently. If kids are too rough with the players, they break. While you can still enjoy the game without the quarterbacks’ versatility, it isn’t the same experience without them. My nine year old son still plays this game anytime his friends come over, and he will play with any adult he can find that’s willing as well.

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