Valentine’s Day Supplies

Valentine's Day foam heart decorated with foam shapes eyes made by seven year old

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Easy Heartfelt Crafts

Valentine's Day foam heart decorated with foam shapes eyes made by seven year old
  • What: Valentine’s Day Supplies
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, easy, unique
  • Where: Amazon or local craft stores

Can you believe February has arrived? I’m still in denial. So far, we aren’t buried under snow and stuck at home half the month. But February has snuck up on you and you also haven’t thought about Valentine’s Day, rest easy.  Even if your child needs to take Valentine’s for teachers and classmates, you’re in luck. Everything is on sale!

600 Piece Heart Foam Stickers on Amazon

I went recently to the craft store with my daughter for a totally different project, and while there, we scored Valentine’s Day supplies already at fifty percent off, even though it was the end of January. (Plenty of time to get my three kids to write all their classmates’ names, right?) We scored quite a few goodies for making Valentines.

Little Makers Valentine's Day supplies scratch off tattoo and garland kits
We found so many fun things, all on sale.

If you want some non-commercial yet cute crafts for your kids, get to your nearest store soon. You can probably still grab some traditional cartoon character cards with candy attached. With all the food restrictions, though, we’ve moved to non-candy choices, like Legos, foam shapes, and bead bracelets. I love the ease of the foam hearts, and you can make such a wide variety of both Valentines and decorations with these supplies.

Amscan Large Valentine’s Craft Decor 20 Pieces on Amazon

Don’t have the time or energy to leave the house? Order supplies online. You might not get the big savings, but you can guarantee the selection, and get your kids busy cranking out those cards. A few foam hearts in various sizes on Amazon can cover multiple kids’ classrooms.

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