The Pigeon Needs a Bath Book

Bath Time Fun with the PigeonThe Pigeon Needs a Bath picture book by Mo Willems

  • What: The Pigeon Needs a Bath
  • When: 12 months to 8 years
  • Why: Funny and cute
  • Where: Amazon

Whether your child loves or hates bath time, the pigeon can relate. In Mo Willems’ picture book, The Pigeon Needs a Bath!, the beloved bird comes up with every possible excuse to avoid having a cleaning event, despite an obvious need.

Mo Willems’ picture book features the same simple cartoon illustrations that have brought so many children joy for years. This time, the pigeon tries to talk his way out of having a bath. HIs antics will still delight readers and listeners alike. You can even get a copy of this title in bath book format, with or without a pigeon bath toy, so kids can splash around with it.

Page spread from The Pigeon Needs a Bath picture book by Mo Willems

The pigeon will use any excuse to avoid the bathtub.

This book can also help remind kids that even though they don’t want to do something, be it a bath or going to bed or some other activity, they may change their minds once they try it out. And you can’t beat that lesson, no matter how clean or dirty your child ends up.

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