Norty Rain Boots

Norty light up rubber rain boots for kids in blue with unicorn and rainbow print

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Splash Without Soaking Feet

Norty light up rubber rain boots for kids in blue with unicorn and rainbow print

  • What: Norty Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots
  • When: 12 months to 10 years
  • Why: Affordable, lots of color choices
  • Where: Amazon

My kids have been tearing through rain boots. Not only that, two of my three children wear the same size shoe currently, so although I’ve saved the salvageable rain boots, I still need more. Enter the Norty Rain Boots for kids.

Norty Kids Rain Boots on Amazon

I bought a pair of rain boots for my youngest child, because the hand me down pair (that I never loved anyway – I’m looking at you, Hatley rain boots!) got too small. So small, in fact, we had to shake him out of the boots on a daily basis. (He loved this by the way, enough to spend entire school days in boots that didn’t quite fit.) I paid $30 for a new pair that he refused to wear. Luckily, my other child happily adopted those boots, which lasted all of three months before they developed holes. I don’t know about you, but my basic expectation from kids’ rain boots in particular is to keep water out, preferably for longer than one autumn.

Child wearing bright orange with blue trim Norty rubber rain boots for kids
My son loves his bright orange rain boots.

I didn’t want to spend another $30 on boots that wouldn’t even last through the rainy season. Instead, I found a pair of Norty rain boots online in my child’s favorite color for half that price. He ditched the old ones immediately and has been wearing the Norty boots ever since. After six weeks of wear, they still look brand new, their bright color makes him easy to spot on the playground, and best of all, we’ve had zero wet feet.

Norty Light Up Rain Boots for Kids on Amazon

In fact, I liked them so much I recently ordered a second pair to replace the leaky, more expensive Cat & Jack brand rain boots from Target. For the same price, less than $15, we got to choose our pattern and the soles light up. My child loves the light up boots (though she did spend several days stomping around the house to activate the lights) and I love the extra visibility during the dark days of winter. 

Two kids wearing Norty rain boots in orange and blue unicorn and rainbow print
My kids wear their Norty rain boots everywhere.

These boots come in a wide range of sizes with an excellent selection of both solid colors and patterns. So far the only issue we’ve had is one handle popping off. I stuck the included fastener back in, and we’re all set. So far neither pair we own and wear multiple times a week for the entire day have any issue with smell, unlike my older son’s beloved Croc boots.

Girl wearing Norty light up rain boots
You can get these rain boots in both solid colors and prints.

If you want to try a solid pair of rain boots without spending much money, grab a set of these Norty rain boots. I like them so much that even though we ordered a size too big, I kept those, too. Maybe then I won’t be buying so many pairs of rain boots when the next rainy season rolls around. Hey, a mom can dream, especially when her kids have dry feet.

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