Easy Lego Valentines

Give Them a Piece of Your HeartHomemade kids craft Lego Valentine's You're a friend I won't Lego of

  • What: Lego Valentines
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Easy, inexpensive, fun
  • Where: Your child’s classroom

Looking for an easy but unique Valentine’s idea for classmates? Does your kid love Legos? You can craft these creative, fun Valentine’s goodie bags without any concerns about dietary restrictions or sugar overload. We’ve made our own Valentines for years, and kids love this one featuring the popular building blocks.

Lego Valentine's Day craft for kids classmates

My son made these Valentine’s for his classmates, with names written on the opposite side.

Grab some Legos, bags, and brightly colored paper. We went to the Lego store and filled a container from the Lego wall. But you can just as easily raid your Lego stash for pieces, or even hit the local secondhand store for a supply. Once you have a pile of Legos, have your child fill each bag with a variety of pieces. We choose clear cellophane bags ordered online, but plastic sandwich bags work just as well (and you can tie them with some festive ribbon for extra flourish). 

Cut the paper into quarters. We choose bright sheets in the Lego basic bricks colors, including red, green, and yellow, but you could do red, pink, and white for a Valentine’s theme or any other color you have on hand.  Add the simple phrase “You’re a friend I won’t Lego off” to each sheet. We used a label printer to make stickers with that phrase, though you could easily have your child write it themselves. You can also search online for other fun Lego Valentine’s phrases if you don’t want them to all be the same.

Attach the bag of Legos to the paper using tape, staples, or ribbon, and voila! Best of all, your child can assemble these goodie bags almost entirely on their own without it taking up an entire afternoon. Add the names of children if needed and your child’s name and they can deliver a simple but happy Valentine’s Day treat.

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