Envirosax Sling Bags

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Building a Better BagEnvirosax Slingsax Messenger Bag label close up on pocket of reusable packable compact shopping bag

  • What: Envirosax Slingsax Messenger Bag
  • When: Before birth to after college
  • Why: Durable, affordable, packable, adjustable
  • Where: Amazon

I’ve carried my Envirosax packable bag for years and years, since well before my three children came along. I love the way it packs up into a tiny roll and I can carry it inside my purse or pocket, and that I don’t need to waste a plastic bag every time I visit a store. So when I discovered the Envirosax Slingsax Messenger Bag, I knew I had to try it.

Envirosax Slingsax Messenger Bag on Amazon

My original sack held so much stuff, but the straps often slid off slick jacket material, or weighed me down on one side while carrying it fully loaded. To add it to a stroller hook, I had to tie the handles into a knot so the bag wouldn’t scrape against the wheels. I didn’t mind any of these things, certainly not enough to diminish my love for my little sack.

Envirosax resuable packable portable shopping bags slingsax laid on top of original bag
My new Slingasax with longer handles on top of my beloved original Envirosax bag.

But oh the joy of the sling sack style. It comes with two long handles. You tie them together to create the perfect length for whatever load you carry. Want to hook it onto a stroller? Tie it short over the handle, or leave lots of length to slip over the entire handlebar. I like to keep my straps long, so I can carry my groceries home with the weight distributed across my body. Now I don’t have to worry about the bag slipping off my shoulder as I walk, or about the uneven load on one side of my body. Instead I have a much more ergonomic way to carry just about anything.

Envirosax Slingasx rolled up next to original Envirosax reusable portable shopping bag
The Slingsax makes a bigger roll than my original bag, and also comes with a Velcro strap instead of a snap closure.

The sling sack offers a thicker material, so it doesn’t roll up quite as compactly. But it definitely comes with more features. In addition to the adjustable handles, it also boasts a loop of Velcro to keep the bag rolled up securely. (My original bag has a simple snap closure on some small straps.) It also has both an interior and exterior pocket built right into it. I use those mostly for stowing receipts safely away, but the deep pockets also work great for lip balm, credit cards, phones, and other small items you want to access easily and fragile items you don’t want to bury under other purchases.

Envirosax Slingsax Messenger Bag in green orange brown daisy print carried across body of woman using phone
I love the cross body carrying style of this adjustable bag.

These bags will last for years, so they make great gifts, or a way to treat yourself and do something positive for the planet. No matter which style you choose, you can’t go wrong having an Envirosax stowed anytime you leave the house.

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