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Know Your Car Safety

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  • What: The Car Seat Lady
  • When: Pregnancy until teens
  • Why: Keep kids safe in the car
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Did you know that motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death in children in the United States, according to data from the CDC and World Health Organization? Want a resource you can trust when it comes to keeping your child safe in your vehicle? Do you have questions about car seat safety?

Evenflo Evolve 3 in 1 booster car seat next to Britax Marathon convertible car seat in back third row of Mazda5
No matter what kind of car seat you choose, proper installation matters.

If you want to know more about common car seat conundrums, from which type of seat to pick for your newborn to how long to keep your growing child in any type of child safety restraint, the Car Seat Lady has the answer. 

If you think you need a vehicle that can handle three seats across the back row, the Car Seat Lady can help with that. She knows which vehicles allow third row access with three car seats installed across the row, and much, much more. If you haven’t visited the Car Seat Lady, then you are doing both yourself and your child a huge disservice. Did you know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 59 percent of car seats are installed improperly? That’s more than one out of every two seats. If you have two kids, odds are one of them rides in an improperly installed car seat. In the case of an accident, that car seat can’t do its job without proper installation. 

Removing and reinstalling car seats pains me greatly, but I can only imagine how much worse I would feel if my child got injured or killed when I could’ve prevented it. Find out more by visiting the Car Seat Lady, and making sure you do everything you can to keep your kids safe in the car.

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